Scuff my kicks?..I KEE' U!!!

Jason Markk Premium Sneaker Solution Set

Complete set. Includes 8 oz. Premium Sneaker Solution and Sneaker Cleaning Brush intimately packaged in JASON MARKK sneaker box with koi paint splatter design.

* To all non-sneaker-heads, please stop this might make me sound like a tosser...(or is it too late for that?)

Although this seemed like complete bollocks (and an easy way to waste 25coins+shipping), I sent away for it anyway and found that it actually worked ok...

I rarely let kicks get dirty enough to warrant a good scrubbin'...but for some spot cleaning, give it a go.
But to avoid heartache (and scrubbing), I suggest just giving your kicks a wipe-down after every use. I use "Huggies Wipes"...the unscented or extra -sensitive (like me!) type, 'coz the others may contain alcohol or some such ingredients that might ruin the "lustre"!

Huggies is KING!

Jason Markk x Undefeated

...well, this, is a bit of a toss...

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