Picked up the Greyone X New Era hat today (even though I hardly ever wear hats...reminds me that I have a huge-ish head...see here. One reason I keep my winter weight on, so my head looks relatively ok. Another reason is I just can't be arsed to go on a diet!)...
but it's just too sweet to pass up!

...and yes! I am rippin' off the sticker!!!
Seriously, can someone explain to me why people leave that sh*t on???

...muchMarvlove to the lovely folk at G1xSocial for hookin' me up!


noel said...

people leave the stickers on to metaphorically cover their own insecurities ;).

Sure you have a big head Marf but more importantly you give great....commentary.

MARV said...

hmmm, maybe I shoulda left it on..."Insecurity-City"!!!

Dude, I'm all over that a...wait...I can't think of a good innuendo...."In-your-endo"!!! HAHAHA....hello?...any one there? HELLO!?!?!?!