Why Bambi II is Better Than Bambi
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Dan Kois, you magnificent bastard! Much Marvlove to you!
Bambi and The Great Prince
...and to all Disney Oz peeps...I'm miss all the good times!!!


Maarten Rijs said...

Hmm interesting. There definitly are some good disney sequels and obviously they shouldnt dissapear.
The article didn't tell me why the sequels are better then the first ones though, which the title suggested.
Overall I like first versions better, but yeah isn't that always the case?
Never seen Bambi 2, I probably should.

MARV said...

Yeah, you're right...he didn't...probably just to catch the reader...

Dude!...You should definitely watch B2!...I'd say it was one of our best work...very nice animation (2d rocks!)...tough schedule, but it turned out a treat!

mayhem said...

i concur.