Hug me. (I'm Asian.)

Happy International  "Hug An Asian" Day!
-January 26, 2009
(...which also happens to be the start of the "Chinese New Year!" Fancy that!)

I'm counting down one of the year's momentous events on the Facebook group!

...and just in case you run into ME tomorrow, brush up on your hugging-techniques with:

Or skim through the book:

(...I've got some piercings and whatnot.)

'Coz the last thing we want is a *Hug-FAIL!*

(pic via LeftHandToons)

...and if you're a man, I'm comfortable with the "hug-backpat-3-times-and-release" technique. (Of course, *notthatthere'sanythingwrongwiththeothertypeofmanhugs,nonotatall*...)

But seriously, feel free to give me a hug *any* day of the year! :)

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