Simultaneously wrong...and AWESOME, on so many levels!

I'm a couple of months too late for Sweet & Meaty Brad Brown's "Big Sexy Uncle Baseball Cap Giveaway"...


Update: Oh. My. GORRRD!!! I WON BRADBROWN'S HAT!!! Oh happy days!!!
(Thankyouthankyouthankyou oh "sweet & meaty one!")

To which I responded:

Even though I was months too late, the gods (and Brad) smiled upon me! (and yes, I am aware "hyperbole-ically" is not a real word.)
Watch out for a pic of me wearing it...and nothing else! ( ok...*that* would be creepy. Sorry.)


Brad Brown said...

That was actually my first contest, and the results were underwhelming for such a babe magnet hat. The hat is still here, and since you want it, you got it. Just email me your address from my site's contact page and I'll send it out next week. Be sure to take a photo of you wearing it once you receive it.

MARV said...


w00t...SQUARED!!! Thanks mate! I shall wear it proud, and post you a pic!!!

MuchosMarvlove to you!