"Nike Air Mag"...replicas!

via NiceKicks

Yup! Someone's making the BTTF2 "McFly's" (or "Air Mag"...as in "magnetic") replicas!!!
...and, according to NK, a pair is up for grabs at RIF LA.
(...prolly goneski by now..."Eat lead, slackers!")


anne nicole said...

lol... it's always good to have a one like this. I need to buy one "Nike Air ZOOM VAPOR JET 4.2 D Shoes" for the tournament I have next week.
I'm gonna shoot the winning shot.... lol. Nike Air ZOOM VAPOR JET 4.2 D Shoes

MARV said...

Ooo! Nice cleats! Good luck on your tourney! (which I'm assuming is soccer, right?)