Jessica Hagy: Brilliantly funny?...or funnily brilliant?

...either, or.
I *LOVE* this site!
(I've posted a "Hagy" before, here, not knowing what it was...sorry.)

"Life" charts, graphs, and Venn diagrams...drawn on index cards.
“This site is a little project that lets me make fun of some things and sense of others. I use it to think a little more relationally without resorting to doing actual math.”
-- Jessica Hagy

...and her book:
Available Here.

"Jessica Hagy has a unique and irreverent sense of humor, and has the ability to capture complex realities in a 3” by 5” frame. Here she has organized a series of twenty index cards she has created throughout the years, plotting the trajectory of an imagined, but possibly recognizable, career path."
Download the Pdf of the 'manifesto' at:
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