The allure of Twitter...

For the best explanation of the "Twitter-allure" click Here.

by one of my top "Twitterpeeps", @yndygo/Geekmommy ! Totally 'on-point'!

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Maarten Rijs said...

Duuude that torpedo explosion is rad, but even if you dont get to use it for a gig (not very likely at disney i think haha) you could just make it for fun right?
I would love to see it.
Effects animation is one of the things im most fascinated about in the animation process.

Thanks for the e-mail! Not confused me at all. twos sounds great.
Im gonna shoot some more reference and do the animation this week (or try to).
Ill let you know when its on my blog.

Starvin marvin is awesome haha, love the episode where all ethiopians go to space.

I hope you had some great holidays dude. and a super new year to you :)

PS: monday! which means a long day of work...not good!