The Modern Jesus*

I was out shopping for Chrissy pressies for the Prez-man on the weekend...(and it's almost next to impossible to find anyhting for the boy who has everything!).

This year he has asked for a fishing rod...(also, some "guinea fowls"...whatthe???).
Some Tweeps' have suggested a couple such as This (thanks Maxweb! )...and This (thanks Rabbitroodle!...though I might get this for myself! Rocket-fishing? Gold!!!).

So, I was at the mall yesterday searching, when I happened on (luck? Methinks not!) these fantastic posters at a "christian" shop...and I just could not pass on 'em! (and at 50cents a pop? Printed on heavy cardstock? Whatta Barg'!...if nothing else than to be able to post these pics!)...

Now bask in these!


Jesus 2.0??

...some sporty "J's"!!!

...and check out this massive "god-bike"!
*Marvnote-to-God: ...please don't strike me down with some "Thunder&Lightning" action, or send any avenging angels... I'm laughing with you, not at you... With...WITH!...really...

**This post is also for Aa. Been great working with you, mate!...Miss ya already! See ya in Syd!


obviousfront said...

Here's a Modern Jesus from 1992-93
back wneh the term Cat & Paste really meant something

Craig Storm said...

These are off-putting and amazing!

MARV said...

Craig, (do people call you "Mr. Storm?" "coz that would be COOL!!!)

Yes indeed! "Off-putting & Amazing!"
Very well put!


Thor said...

It's despicable! I doubt if the owner of that shop is a christian. Probably a catholic because they sell all images, crucifix, rosaries.