Mimoco's "Star Wars Series 2" Mimobots!

Mimoco, producers of the Mimobot: Designer Flash Drive, have announced the upcoming release of the limited edition Star Wars Series 2 flash drives!...their follow-up to last year's "geek-must-have" ...(Darth & Artoo have sold out, but Chewie and the Trooper are still available...but be quick!).
Series 2 starts shipping in Feb. Pre-order yours Here!

Mimobots, to me, are like designer toys that actually serve a practical purpose (other than just sittin' pretty on yer shelves). Well, that's as good an excuse as any to exercise my obsessive-completist tendencies...

"How many flash drives could a person possibly need?", you may ask... Actually, if you have to ask, just stick to your SanDisk (or whatnot)...KTHANXBAI!... ... ... I said 'good day, sir'! know all ya'll are racking your brains about what to get me for Chrissy... Stuff my two front-teeth!!...just two words baybee:
Boba. Fett.

...or, I'd settle for the Halo Mimobot...

Mimoco via GalacticEmporium via Mimobot's Twitter

P.S. The Mimobot is cooler than this: (but only by a lil' bit...)

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