#842 on "My Chrissy List"!

"Motorized" Walking AT-AT!!!

via LegoShop

...wish it had a remote too.

and at

"Wonder Sauna Hot Pants"!!!

"...also reduces dignity."

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Maarten Rijs said...

reduces dignity hahahaha.
and dude, thanks for the comment. you cant imagine how motivating those positive words are to me!

I guess ill be confident when I feel like im good enough for it LOL. Well i have no problems sketching in public or something only the painting was a little scary first time.

will have my lightbox really soon, cant wait to do some animation. would love to try some effects animation as well. i think ill just use a few days to film stuff i can later study.

man, i want my marvlove back, but theres no adress where to send the shoes to!

MARV said...

Lightbox! Yeeeaaah! Have fun dude!