Andrew Loomis PDF's!!!

A couple of years ago, a mate of mine Aaron Burton hooked me up with all of Andrew Loomis' books he had found and downloaded in pdf format (from Ryan Scott:Animation Ninja in Training* )....and they have become an invaluable resource!!! (Thanks dude!)

So if you are in any way involved in the visual arts (or not, it's still a good read!)...this is a must. All six books (which are out of print) are available for download. Click HERE.

*much, MUCH thanks to Ryan Scott!


NOEL said...


cheers for the link , but what do you need these for you work in FX?

( I can feel the ninja stars whizzing towards the back of my head as I type :D )

MARV said...

OUCH!...(that' aint ninja stars...I'm virtual teabaggin' ya!)