Since it's Friday, I shall leave you all with this lil' nugget...(I challenge you to not be humming this retro ditty over the weekend!).
And no, apparently his grandma doesn't join him in the end...(you can check to make sure...then tell me)
Stop!...Hamme...uh, no just STOP!!!

Funny for at least the first five seconds...
P.s. I'm a "Hung"-ista


Maarten Rijs said...

Hahahaha nope she doesnt join him. He must do that sort of stuff more often, I think my grandma would be rather surprised if I started to dance in the living room haha.

Your hungista? (my crappy english vocabulary bailing on me here)

MARV said...

I would have loved it if she did! Damn!

Here's William Hung: