Aqua 8's!
*dropped two weeks early!!!, gots to find a tee to match...
Yes, indeed!...Air Jordan Retro "Aqua 8's" (or as I like to call them...the "Shags" ) dropped a couple of weeks early!
Most J'heads wax nostalgic with these kicks as the "Three-peat" well as most of us thinkin' it'll be the last ones we'd see MJ rock before "Retirement #1".
* ...and I'm technically still "on the wagon" as no money actually exchanged hands when I copped 'em...(watch Marv do the "justification-jig"...).
To peep a side-by-side O.G./Retro, check out Nice Kicks...


Maarten Rijs said...

No money exchanged huh?
"in a totally-professional-staunchly-hetero-way-not-that-thers-anything-wrong-with-the-other-kind."
ah that way!

MARV said...


NOEL said...

Dude, 8's were where I lost that loving feeling........shag pile , peace signs, giant splashes of aqua cascading up the sides like I'd danced in an LSD puddle.
I think someone had 'Tinkered' too much with these puppies.
That said, you look good in hot pink ostritch leather so I'm pretty sure they look like the cats pyjamas strapped to your little cocoa butter hooves ;)
Imagine how good you'd look in nu-retro 2's! the crime fighting Jordans.
just cleaned mine today, they're itchin' for a little prowl around downtown Tokyo, and they're gettin' one!

MARV said...

Noelie! My pinky, poetic friend! A lovely turn of phrase once again!Yes, indeed...I was gonna pass on the 8's too...buuuut...can't turn down a freebie! And I'm feelin em more this time around...(maybe coz they're free!).
retro 2's? Gotta peep them!Poppa's cocoa-butter hooves are cold!