Nike Air Trainer III x Optimus Prime

After months of rumours and speculation, these babies are finally dropping this week! Too bad I've stopped buying sneaks....EFFIN"C!!!...oh well...

I have a soft spot for the Air Trainer III (the og "Medicine Ball" were the second ever pair of kicks I ever bought, way back when, with my own money, and not have to hit up the folks!)...and in the Optimus Prime colourway? Sweet mix of materials like patent, 3m, etc.? Bloody fantastic!!!

Nike Air Trainer SC (III) Medicine Ball...(I'm guessing it's coz the "poo-brown" colour is like those gym balls you train with?)

Optimus Prime- Autobot Leader
...also dropping soon as part of the "Tranformers Pack", are the "Galvatron" Huarache Trainer & "Starscream" Air Max 90 Boot

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