Fell (Jumped?) Off The Wagon...
Ok, so it was bound to happen...a moment (or two) of weakness...These sweet f**kers dropped at Hype DC and PSC while I was back in Oz few weeks back...can you blame me?!?

Nike Trainer Dunk Hi "Mita Edition"

...C'mon! I could have said no to the reverse elephant print...I could have said no to the black snake(ish)-skin detail...and no to the faux ostrich leather toe-box...but the "speckled midsoles"?!?...Gah! Yup. It had me at hello...

Some purists balk at the hybrids ("mash-ups"), but I'm seriously feelin' these! I love the Dunk, and I love the Trainer this is twice the love!...and throw in a Skittles speckled "Free" sole? all around!
...and I must say, these are comfy as f**k! (and this from a person who will, and have, sacrificed comfort for stylin' many a time...*shallow*? Yes.)

My other stumble, as I ran (briskly walked) to catch up to the wagon?

Nike Dunk Mid SB "4711"

...part of Nike SB's "Gentleman's (no, not that way...I hope...) Pack". Gotta love that vibrant blue! Can't decide if I'm gonna rock the black or red laces...thoughts?
* Colourway on the box says "Peacock/Blepao"...What the f**k?
Nike SB's Gentleman's Pack: Brut (Dunk Hi), Old Spice,(Dunk Lo) and 4711 Cologne (Dunk Mid)

...I am slightly proud of myself that I controlled the completist urge to grab the whole lot...
** ...and to my "Secret Santa" in X-mas '96, who gave me a Brut 33 shaving pack...a pox on you! Wasn't even fit for a re-gift!!!


noel said...

Mate, only you in your marvinly browness could get away with sashaying around with such audacity upon your feet.Ridicule would greet any other man who attempted such folly!
Glad to see you have your blogging dairheaa back, you've become me breakfast read!

Maarten Rijs said...

Haha are you trying to rehab?
Hmm I should do a photo with my shoes dude, youd be BLOWN away.(haha)

MARV said...

Noel: Yeah baby! I'm Brown-ful aaiigght!
Diaohrea for breakfast (think I spelled that wrong)? Nice!
Methinks Mita Sneakers is just down the road from you right? Muchlove!

Maarts! Yeah, that was my "Say Hello to My Little Friends!" Photo shoot for Ralph Magazine...