Curbing Completism... well as my self-imposed restriction on any new footwear purchases (I've fallen off the wagon a couple of times, but I'm persevering!)...I've also thrown in Designer Toys in the mix...

My thinking was that because we'll be over here in the Phils. for chunky stints, I'd be able to get away from the alluring little "buy know you want to" voice I seem to hear whenever I'm within...well, any retail type area...

Well, suffice it to say, things aren't going very well...Not only is shopping (or "mall-ing") the national pastime/sport over here, but kicks don't seem to fly off the shelves like they do everywhere else...and more often than not even hit the sale-bin!!! ( Fire- Reds on sale for 40 bucks? Old/New Love for 100?? Copped Jam Master Jay Superstars for 150???...AAARRGGHH!).

Aaaanyway...I thought I'd be safe from the "collectibles", since I'd been to possibly every mall there is over here and not a "Labbit" in sight! Yes!...Safe. Until a mate ( Tollo = enabler) mentioned the words: "Geisha Dunny".


...yup. The only stockists of Kidrobot in Manila... as well as BBC, (real)Bape, Super7...etc. Stocked to the rafters.

Mickey Mao's...not for sale (damn.)

Your man Jamie...surrounded.

...the location had a lil' underground vibe...being in the middle of nowhere (that I knew), and right in front of this...

...and yes, I fell off the wagon (and the horse backed it up over me...twice.).

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